The Product

Iodine Aqua is a 100% natural very high iodine content water found from a depth of 533 metres below the ground, from an Oligocene sea residue. It is bottled at source and contains no additives or preservatives, and has not undergone any treatment – either chemical or microbiological – only what “Mother Nature” provides.

The unique composition and high iodine content of Iodine Aqua means, that only a tiny daily dose (1.5 to 2ml) is enough to provide the daily recommended human iodine intake.

In addition, Iodine Aqua contains other micro- and macro elements. These elements together have a complex synergistic effect promoting higher effectuation.

Iodine Aqua can be bought in 200 ml quantity bottles. The 200 ml size bottles provide 3 to 6 months iodine supply for one person.


– F. A. Q. –

Q: Can you confirm that Iodine Aqua is not produced from seaweed or sea kelp? I understand that pregnant mothers should avoid taking seaweed or sea kelp supplements.

A: Yes, we can confirm that Iodine Aqua does not contain seaweed or sea kelp. Iodine Aqua is 100% natural, coming from a well that has a depth of more than half a kilometer.

Pregnant mothers are not recommended to take any seaweed or sea kelp supplements due to the highly variable iodine content. (The actual amount of iodine in the supplement may not be the same as that stated on the label. It is therefore possible that kelp and seaweed supplements may lead to excessive iodine intake.)

Also the Australian National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) points out the danger of potential mercury, or other heavy metal, contamination in sea weed and kelp based iodine supplements.

Q: Does Iodine Aqua have a strong taste? How are we supposed to take it?

A: Iodine Aqua tastes like slightly salty water.

You can just mix the recommended dosage of Iodine Aqua with water, juice or tea.

The liquid format, and the natural taste makes it very easy to swallow.  It is ideal for people, such as the elderly or pregnant mothers, who have problems swallowing capsules of large size or iodine supplements that have a strong unpleasant taste.

Q: Is it true that pregnant mothers, mothers-to-be and lactating women should take iodine supplements?

A: You can find interesting information on iodine supplementation and pregnancy on the following website:

Q: Is it good for brittle and weak nails?

A: Iodine can help to support and maintain the natural beauty of nails.

The primary role of thyroid hormones is to control the basic metabolic processes in the body. They govern the conversion of oxygen and calories to energy.

When thyroid hormone levels are too low the body’s processes start slowing down. As the body slows, you may notice that you feel colder, you tire more easily, your skin is getting drier, you’re becoming forgetful and start to get constipated and gain weight. Every cell in the body depends upon the thyroid hormones for regulation of their metabolism.

The thyroid requires Iodine to make thyroid hormones.

Therefore Iodine can help in the following:

 – maintain optimal body weight

 – contribute to normal healthy digestion

 – support the natural beauty of skin, hair & nails

 – contribute to physical fitness

 – support healthy mental agility

Q: As a pregnant mother is it enough if I use iodized salt ?

A: The American Thyroid Association reported that iodized salt is not enough to prevent iodine deficiency. A study found that women living in regions with salt iodization were still at risk from iodine deficiency.