How to Work Together to Make Healthier Babies

Duffy MacKay, N.D., is Senior Vice President, Scientific & Regulatory Affairs, for the Council for Responsible Nutrition, the dietary supplement and functional food’s industry’s leading trade association, US:


Published on 9/7/15 –

“As a nation, we’re facing an emerging public health issue that could negatively impact the cognitive health of our children. As an industry, we have a chance to make a real difference.”

“Scientific evidence supports iodine’s role in healthy brain development in babies. Even mild to moderate iodine deficiency during pregnancy can result in irreversible brain damage and neurological abnormalities in newborns. “

“Preventable is a key word here. Just as our industry was able to be part of the solution in helping to reduce birth defects such as spina bifida by adding folic acid to multivitamins, we have an opportunity now—before our country reaches the kinds of iodine deficiency levels found in the UK—to help ensure that pregnant and lactating women get the amount of iodine they need to reduce the risk of serious cognitive problems in their babies-to-be. We need to take notice of this—and take action—before it’s too late.”

“Back in January, CRN issued voluntary guidelines for our members, calling on them to reformulate, if necessary, to ensure that all multivitamin/mineral supplements intended for pregnant and lactating women in the U.S. contain at least 150 mcg of iodine. “

“This summer, we took another step forward in this educational fight. Along with my science colleagues at CRN, we published an article in the Natural Medicine Journal, calling on health care practitioners—who play a vital role in this effort—to help educate women by urging them to support the public health efforts to ensure adequate iodine intake during pregnancy and lactation.”