With 400 years of History

Iodine Aqua is found 533m below ground, in a small village set in the beautiful Carpathian Mountains.
The unique composition and naturally high Iodine content of Iodine Aqua means, that only a tiny daily dose provides adequate iodine supply. Bottled at source, it contains no additives or preservatives, and has not undergone any treatment (either chemical or microbiological).
It is 100% natural.With more than 400 years of history, it is not surprising that by 1826 this natural treasure was being called “Mother Natures Gift”.


The following videos provide a good introduction to the importance of Iodine, which appears to be almost unknown  for the public today.

Dr Sarah Bath – What is iodine and why do mothers-to-be need it? Following publication of her Lancet study, Dr Bath discusses the finding that low iodine during pregnancy was linked to poorer IQ and reading scores in UK children, BBC Breakfast on 22 May 2013:


The following 3 videos below draw attention to important aspects of Iodine Deficiency:



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Dr John Whitcomb – Iodine, Pregnancy and Optimal IQ – This study shows that women with mild deficiency have children whose mental acuity tests taken 9 years later show a statistically significant reduction in mental ability: